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About Company

Supply all customers anywhere in the Moscow and Moscow region only the most high-quality alcoholic beverages, regardless of the distance with the reliability and speed, which can not provide any other company.
We are committed to absolute customer satisfaction through the highest standards of service, individual approach to each client, the friendliness and professionalism of our employees.
We try every day to improve and develop the business of our customers and partners by providing a wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Our goal - to be the undisputed leader in the logistics and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the Moscow region with the highest level of confidence.

Our advantages:

The client base. Our greatest asset - our customers and we are proud that each year they become more and more. Today we have the largest customer base in the Moscow region and serves more than 5,000 retail outlets.

Assortment Assortment company Project - 2015 It includes all the today federal brands and employs more than 2000 items Alcoholic products. We have direct contracts with the largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, and our clients a unique offer price across product portfolio that allows them year after year to grow and make money with us. Constantly monitoring market trends and responsive to the needs of our customers, we constantly analyze product portfolio and we can say that it is completely liquid.

Manufacturability. The process of receiving and processing orders is fully automated warehouses the company uses the most modern system of storage and accounting, sales staff the company employs in the work of the CPC.

Efficiency. Order processing takes 4 to 24 hours.

Professionalism. Our team - a team of high-level professionals. Each employee is highly motivated and the company aims to achieve maximum results. The company has an internal training system, developed by professional training managers. Our staff together with major suppliers are regularly improving their skills through training programs.

A flexible approach. For its customers, we treat with understanding and respect, and always use individual approach, to maximize meet the needs of every client.


If you are looking for a reliable and profitable partner, we look forward to working with you!