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20 Dec 2015

Crime and punishment: in the United States produced beer based on Dostoevsky's novel

American brewers from Stone Brewing Company so inspired by the works of Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, that based on famous works created two new beers - Crime and Punishment.

For design, the beer should be drunk in that order: first offense - a dark ale flavored with chilli and then punishment - a dark ale, but infused with the most acute varieties of pepper known to man.
The structure of penalties includes jalapeno, habanero, Black Nag, Morug Scorpio ghost pepper and a few lesser-known, but the same sorts of evil.
Brewers recommend that those who did something wrong, do not suffer as Rodion Raskolnikov, and drink a big mug of penalties and forget about everything.
Earlier, it was reported that Mexico's beer brewers created for weight loss.


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