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20 Dec 2015

The famous brand of champagne auctioned two rare bottles of 1914

Auction in honor of the 270 anniversary of the Moët & Chandon will be held on November 13 in London. Also bottles in 1914, will be put up for auction 174 polutoralitrovye and three three-liter Moët Grand Vintage Collection 2004.

Many have not yet been presented to the public of wines produced from 1914 to 2004, he was selected by the head of the cellars of Moët Benoit Hue and director of Sotheby's wine section Serena Sutcliffe.
"Some of the wines are stored in our basement for about ten years, and showed a surprising maturity, while others - in 1914, 20's, 50's and 60's - the show is absolutely youthful character. Champagne in 1914 will be special because of the different reasons. The harvest this year was postponed because of the First World War, to the same wine that is able to collect, require more time to develop, "- said Hue.
"We have never conducted an auction of this level, with a choice of rare and fine sparkling wines from a single source" - said Sutcliffe.
The main collections are lots of six magnums (polutoralitrovye bottle) Moët 1983, the cost of which is estimated at 2800-3600 pounds, two Magnum Moët 1959 (3200-4000 pounds) and two bottles of 1921, which are expected to be sold by 4000 up to 5000 pounds per bottle.


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